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Coconut Chilli’s journey from street cooking to deli shelves

I started out on the streets, cooking up delicious street food treats to hungry punters, just like Bristol Eats. Many of my happy customers started asking for South Indian food they could take home. Last autumn, as the nights started drawing in, I started on a journey, which would lead Coconut Chilli onto the shelves of two of the best grocers in Bristol – Southville Deli and Bristol Sweetmart (no longer available at these stores*).

Street cooking is fun – but it’s a very seasonal and I knew the business needed to take a different direction. Thoughts started stirring about my favourite holiday destination – the Coorg region of Southern India, where my aunt owns a coffee estate.

The hillsides house acres of coffee bushes. Coconut palms grow next to tall bamboo and huge pumpkins. Cardamom bushes nestle nearby orange trees and fiery chillies. The community are meat eaters, for in a bygone era, game hunting took place in the dense forests.

I started thinking about flavour combinations like black pepper with tender lamb, toor dhal with red chilli and mooli. I created four amazingly tasty dishes inspired by those very ingredients found in the region. Every dish, like our shrimp and coconut milk korma, is on a bed of basmati rice, with it’s own complimentary fresh herb garnish, for a burst of flavour.

*Let us know if you have any other stockist suggestions.

23rd July 2014

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