Coorgi coffee estate

Coconuts and chillies

India is a vast country with tremendous variation in the cuisine available across the different states. British rule ended 60 years ago, yet the legacy of the British remains and this is incredibly true in the hill stations where the British colonists enjoyed the cooler climate and fine food. 

Founder, Navina Bartlett’s favourite part of the school holidays was spent in Somwarpet, in the Hill Station region of Karnataka in Southern India. As her family owned a coffee plantation, there was always work to be done, both caring for crops and also in the kitchen where the seasonal ingredients dictated the meals set out on the table. Two ingredients, coconuts and chillies, were used in abundance in the South Indian cooking enjoyed by all.  Fiery heat was balanced out by creamy coconut and produced complex flavours.

The ingredients found in this lush, tropical region were just too good to ignore. The local community were traditionally meat eaters and combined their locally grown spices with ingredients such as bamboo and tamarind.

Using generations-worth of know-how, Navina has created totally new recipes combining the best flavours from the region. Quick to microwave and ready-to-eat in minutes.

Coconut Chilli cuisine truly reflects ‘modern India’. Our dishes are fast, fresh and innovative but inspired by the values of eating well, using fresh produce and careful spicing.

21st June 2014

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