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Office deliveries: being invisible was not SERVING anyone

Our hand-made, artisan curries are a labour of love and we serve them on a bed of basmati rice with a very unique, fresh herb garnish. I’ve been working hard, mainly at farmers markets but also with the much bigger goal of scaling up and being able to provide my customers with the fresh, delicious curries they simply can’t buy in the supermarket.

My small team and I do everything ‘properly’ – we toast our spices, source amazing local, free-range meat then pack and label by hand. Coconut Chilli now has an amazing new chef and I’m no longer cooking our food myself. This is a big step and Khilesh has excellent credentials – he’s ex The Cinnamon Club, London and has cooked for Bill Gates and Lakshmi Mittal in his time.

Our farmers’ market customers & the fans we met at food festivals loved our ‘thoroughly modern’ curries. It felt ecstatic. I knew I’d made the right decision… then the retail buyers meetings started happening and I began to feel deflated. I quickly realised that there was simply not enough profit margin the way we were making our food. There was no way we could produce cheaply for those pesky, value driven supermarkets. I’d have to cut corners – staring with staff wages and ingredient costs – this was something I simply wasn’t prepared to do.

Artisan is often small and small, in turn, is invisible. We don’t have millions in VC funding to plunge into mass-manufacturing plus the necessary huge promotional budget. I’m SO OVER being invisible… this is about giving our customers the artisan curries they want, but doing it in a totally non-traditional way.

So we took a U-turn. We’ve stayed true to our ethical ambitions and now we can deliver directly to consumers all over the UK. But yet again, there was a catch. It was still too costly for postage and packaging to send out a few meal pots directly to retail customers.

What about office lunches we thought? Now we’re able to sell hampers of 10, 16 or 24 of our delicious curry meal pots. We can use an overnight courier because we’ve sourced sustainable, insulating wool liners to keep our food super-cool overnight (nestled in with a couple of ice packs).

You can order your curries online and then we’ll make so they’re super-fresh and tasty. We send them out every Wednesday so they arrive at your office/workplace on Thursday. What better way to finish the working week? We call it #CurryFriday and we really hope it takes off!

We’ve tested the idea with a few offices in our spiritual home Bristol and our lovely customers have been super-positive about our food.

Please help us to gain momentum before we re-start our conversations with the retailers. Rally your boss/office manager/HR and order one of our hampers for you and your colleagues to enjoy. Just visit our WordPress website (it’s a little clunky, but please bear with us).

Or if you’re not hungry, please share this post to your hearts content… I’m sure you have colleagues or friends who are.

Much love,

Navina xx

P.S. Office hampers only available for delivery in the UK (at the moment).

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