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Coconut Chilli’s exquisite range of microwavable dishes is inspired by ingredients that grow in India’s lush, green Hill Stations, an area once loved by the British Raj as cool relief from the heat below.

All dishes are served on a bed of basmati rice and garnished with fresh ingredients including coriander, coconut shavings, tomatoes and pomegranate jewels.

Lamb keema meatballs

Lamb and black pepper keema meatballs

Our meatball dish was inspired by the famous salt marsh lamb koftes from our street food days. It’s a little bit fiery… with spinach leaves, red onion, fresh coriander and...

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  CoconutChilli chicken

Cardamom scented chicken and seasonal squash

Our chicken is a wonderfully fragrant and aromatic dish. There is also a burst of sweetness which comes from the juicy pomegranate jewels and it has a pop of fresh coriander...

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Shrimp and coconut milk korma with crunchy cashews

This korma is dreamy, creamy and mild – it’s got the tiniest hint of green chilli added for flavour rather than heat. We’ve added delicate coconut, curry leaves, peas and...

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Root vegetable, mooli and lentil sambhar with a hint of chilli

Sambhar is a traditional South Indian lentil dish and our closely guarded recipe is one of the best. Sweet carrots snuggle next to mooli and black chana. It’s a lightly...

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